The power of prayer energy

The prayer mudra or posture You can make a difference How many times have you been upset by the misfortunes that affect people around the world? Natural disasters, war, disease – these things bring untold suffering to so many people. Prayer is a way that you can make a difference in [...]

Learn to heal – intro video & podcast

What we call spiritual healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A quintessential definition was given by Dr George King: Spiritual healing is a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient. Apart from being a very advanced Master of yoga, [...]

Developing your psychic centres

In this podcast we look at the significance and development of the chakras, otherwise known as psychic centres. Our presenter Tanya Solberg covers not only what they look like, and how they affect our physical body, but also what their true significance is in our own spiritual development. This podcast is based upon a lecture [...]

Soul mates

In this podcast you will hear: What a soul mate is Why we all have a soul mate How you and your soul mate evolve together What this means for you spiritually What are soul mates? Most people think of the concept of soul mates in the romantic sense, but there is so [...]

The Devic Kingdom

This podcast is produced by Mystic FM, a spiritual podcast hosted by Julian Rosser. We are joined by Tanya Solberg who takes us into the fascinating unseen world of the devic kingdom. Tanya will reveal, based on her study of Dr King's work, insights into this little known aspect of life on Earth. In [...]

Operation Sunbeam

This podcast, presented by Gordon McKenzie, looks at the Cosmic Mission Operation Sunbeam which was devised by Dr George King. In Operation Sunbeam spiritual energies, which were originally intended for the use of humanity, are instead given to the Mother Earth. These energies serve as a token repayment for the vast amount of energy which [...]

The spiritual energy crisis

This podcast, presented by Frank McManus, is based on a lecture by Dr George King available on CD and download. The main energy crisis on Earth today is the spiritual energy crisis. If this crisis was solved, no other energy crises would exist. The problem, as Dr George King has explained, is that people put [...]

Pendulum dowsing – how does it work?

This podcast, presented by Frank McManus, is based on a lecture by Dr George King which is available on CD and download. What is a pendulum? A pendulum is a weight suspended on a thread, which by its movement, reveals answers to questions that our conscious mind wants to know. It is a tool that [...]

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The Ascended Master Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda, Saint Germain and the Lord Maitreya are some of the names you may have heard of as being Ascended Masters who are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. But what does this actually mean? This podcast from Julian Rosser is based on a lecture [...]

What is meditation?

This podcast, presented by Frank McManus, is based on a lecture by Dr George King entitled Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation which is available on CD and download. In the west today meditation refers to various states of mind, but Dr King had a much stricter definition of the term. He described it as the raising [...]