Special service: Earth Day

This Divine Service will be dedicated to the Mother Earth. Earth Day is celebrated each year in April and so we join in this opportunity to celebrate the planet that gives us so much. Despite the way we treat her – pollution, nuclear waste, mining… just to name a few – she allows us to live upon her surface and enjoy the wonderful life-giving environment she provides.

She is so much more than most of our population is prepared to give her credit for. In this service we will look into what she really is, through the teachings of Dr George King, a western Master of yoga.

Dr King described her as the closest thing to God we will ever physically touch. If we lived truly in the light of this statement we would develop an even greater appreciation for her.

The service will include prayers, mantra and the beautiful blessing for the Mother Earth by the Master Jesus from The Twelve Blessings.

“I will tell you this, every person on Earth should thank the Divinity in which they believe for creating a Being such as this.  A Being Who, because of Her long-suffering compassion, has given you a beautiful classroom on which to gain your experience, on which to evolve towards that Perfect God from Which all things originated.” – Dr George King

Date: TBC

Time: 11 am – 12 noon

New attenders are welcome to attend this free event.

Can’t make it?

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