Special service: World Peace

PeaceThe UN’s International Day of Peace began in 1982 and we celebrate this here in our Divine Service (although a few days earlier than the actual official day).

Peace will not be brought about by politics, but by ordinary people taking action – people like you who is reading this now. What kind of action? The best kind – spiritual action. No other action will work to create lasting peace. How can we create peace by bombing each other? The long road to peace in our world begins with peace in our hearts.

It is your devotion, or even better, the devotion of a country as a whole, to the spiritual path, which can bring lasting peace to yourself, to that country, and to the world.

“First cometh the Angel, Peace — to make way for the Goddess — Love.” – The Master Jesus, from The Twelve Blessings.

Let us come together on this day to bring peace into our own hearts and to the world, through the magic of The Twelve Blessings.

Date: next year’s date TBC

Time: 11 am – 12 noon

New attenders are welcome to attend this free event.