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A lecture by Dr. George King

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Spiritual healing is the birthright of everyone on Earth and this lecture provides a detailed look at the principles underlying the ancient science of healing.

His own skill as a manipulator of subtle energies provides Dr. King with a profound understanding of nature’s finer forces which affect us all, and with the knowledge of how these can be used to heal disease.

In this lecture he helps to dispel many of the popular misconceptions surrounding spiritual healing, e.g. that it is a gift from God to only the few. “Go out and heal!” is his inspiring and forthright message which will be of interest to all spiritual healers, as well as those who wish to learn how to heal themselves, their family and others.

“If you are not giving healing, you are not living!” is one of Dr. King’s challenging statements in this thought provoking lecture.

Duration: 59 mins

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