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A lecture by Dr. George King

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This CD contains more than just a lecture – it is an initiation into the spiritual science of a deeply holy mantra, the A-U-M. This very powerful sacred sound should only be intoned by those who have been initiated into it. And such an initiation can only be given by a Master who genuinely has the right to give it, such as Dr. King himself.

This is a sound only to be used in spiritual services, and practice sessions, and should never be uttered otherwise, even in a spiritual conversation. It should only ever be referred to by spelling it out as “the A – U – M”, or simply as “The Word”. Such is the significance of this sacred sound that the more reverence one gives to it, the more power it will yield. This mantra has the power to change your life and bring you closer to the Divine Spark within. It is also a highly potent method of radiating spiritual power in service and devotion.

Duration: 1 hour 25 mins

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