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The Cosmic Master, Jesus

Dr George King devoted 10 years of his life to gaining the states of Enlightenment through the arduous path of Raja, Kundalini and Gnani yogas. Through this he became a Master of yoga and consequently he was chosen by advanced extraterrestrial Masters, known as Cosmic Masters, to relay their teachings to mankind.

One of these Cosmic Masters was the great Avatar of Love from Venus, the Master Jesus. In 1958, on the eve of the Aquarian Age, he used Dr King as a channel to give an extension to his Sermon on the Mount. These beautiful new teachings – this time including the Cosmic Concept – are known as The Twelve Blessings.

The Twelve Blessings – a mystic practice

The Twelve Blessings are a mystic practice that can enable you to be of great service to humanity as a whole.  By saying these beautiful prayers you can send out love energy to the focal points of the Blessings – and by the law of karma, this energy will be returned to you.

The Cosmic Concept

The Twelve Blessings, are also profound teachings which describe the fundamental nature of the universe we live in.  They show us the true nature of the living universe. Everything in the cosmos is living to some degree – even the rocks beneath our feet.

  • Blessed are they who Work for Peace
  • Blessed are the Wise Ones
  • Blessed are they who Love
  • Blessed are the Planetary Ones
  • Blessed are the Thanksgivers
  • Blessed are they who Heal
  • Blessed is the Mother Earth
  • Blessed is the Mighty Sun
  • Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Karma
  • Blessed is the Great Being known as the Galaxy
  • Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation
  • Blessed is the Absolute

Personal power of the Twelve Blessings

Such is the inspirational force of the Blessings, that the effects on the person praying may be quite palpable.  Some feel a force coming through them; some feel heat in their hands; some can be healed themselves if they pray with enough feeling, although this is not their motive. The practice of The Twelve Blessings can lift the spirit and vibration of the person saying these profoundly mystical prayers.

The Aetherius Society uses these prayers in our services and in Operation Prayer Power. You can also hear a recording of one of the Blessings at our 11am Sunday services, to which all are welcome.

Prayer as a dynamic spiritual tool

Dr King taught dynamic prayer, which involves saying prayers with as much feeling and love as you can. Doing this will raise your vibrations and evoke a powerful healing force that you can send to others.

Podcasts and articles on each Blessing

Find out more about the individual Blessings in the articles and podcasts below.


Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation

"Pillars of Creation" - Hubble  This week we continue our series on The Twelve Blessings with a look at the Eleventh Blessing - Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation. In the last blessing we talked about the vastness of the Galaxy. As difficult as it is to comprehend the size of [...]

Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation

Blessed Is The Absolute

The above image from NASA contains several hundred galaxies and yet this is but a tiny glimpse of the incomprehensible vastness of the Absolute. As we've progressed through The Twelve Blessings, we've gradually gone further and further outside of our comprehension. And with the Twelfth Blessing, we really have no concept of what is [...]

Blessed Is The Absolute