UFOs aren’t the work of people on Earth.

They’re just too sophisticated. A human body would not be able to withstand the immense forces put upon them by the sort of acrobatic feats they can perform.

What are they made of?

Where do they come from?

How can they travel at such incredible speeds?

These and many other questions will be covered at this revealing talk.

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This talk will include:

The craft themselves

  • The different types of craft such as motherships and scout patrol craft
  • What they are constructed from
  • Where they are constructed
  • Their range of travel
  • The different shapes and sizes
  • The different methods of propulsion

Their advanced technology

  • How they are able to remain invisible
  • How they can travel at such incredible speeds
  • How they appear to defy the laws of gravity in their ability to change direction instantly
  • How they protect themselves

How and why they are used

  • The personnel operating them
  • What each type of craft is used for
  • How commonly they are sighted
  • They types of places they are more commonly seen
  • Can they disable nuclear weapons?

There’s no shortage of UFO sightings

Far from decreasing, sightings have increased year after year, with many photos and video recordings posted on the internet.

After decades of coverups, there are now scientists, astronauts, military figures, presidents and all sorts of other people who brave the risk of ridicule by coming forward and sharing their experiences.

The truth is coming out!

Eye witness accounts

  • A description of the inside of a craft known as Satellite Number 3 from Dr George King.
  • A description of an actual journey taken inside a UFO.

Where are UFOs seen in New Zealand?

New Zealand has had it’s own share of sightings and we’ll look at where these have happened based on the NZ Defence Force’s official files which were released to the public in 2010, as well as focusing in on one or two of the best.

See you there!

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Entry: $10 ($6 students/beneficiaries)

Location: The Aetherius Society, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore