Dr George King – book extract

Below is an extract about Dr George King from the book “Superstar Signs: Sun Signs of Heroes, Celebrities and You” by Chrissie Blaze.

While reading the biographies of these Superstars you might have wondered what it would have been like to have known them, to have been close to them and witness their talent, their will and desire to make a difference. To have been able to look into their eyes and been touched by their love or their genius. I had such an opportunity.

I have included some truly great Superstars in this book but none so great, in my opinion, as the Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, born in Wellington, Shropshire in England on January 23, 1919. It is difficult for me to find adequate words to describe the life and works of this spiritual giant who in his lifetime undertook humanitarian feats of global proportions.

How can I make these claims? I was fortunate to be a close student of his for twenty-five years from 1972 until his passing in 1997 and can attest first-hand to his unique character and abilities. I remember I had heard his name and knew a little about the reputation of this Master in the 1970s but was not prepared when I first met him. He was far greater than I could ever imagine. Dr. King was standing at the top of the stairs at the organization he founded in London, England, The Aetherius Society, and from my perspective he seemed to be waiting for me. He smiled knowingly and repeated my name and as I looked into his eyes for the first time, my involuntary gasp was audible, much to my embarrassment. I was in my early twenties and through my searching for spiritual truth had met several enlightened human beings during my quest for truth. However, nothing prepared me for this moment.

As a psychic child and young adult I prided myself on being able to tune into people and analyze them, as well as their strengths and their weaknesses. I had a sort of psychic antenna that I would consciously use and was pleased with my progress which later helped me in my astrological counseling. However, Dr. King was the first person I had met who appeared to know what I was doing, and he smiled knowingly. I was unable to analyze this great Master because I knew instantly that he was so far above me and beyond my reach. Instead, however, I was deeply impressed by his knowing wisdom combined with strength and courage, the like of which I had not experienced previously nor since. Yet at the same time as feeling this strength, I was also immersed in his deep compassion and understanding of me and all my faults and weaknesses. I knew instantly that this Master had the truth and wisdom I was seeking, and for the next period of my life until his passing I was honored to be accepted by him as one of his fifty or so close students worldwide.

Unfortunately, in these few paragraphs I can only scratch the surface of his character and far-reaching achievements. It was a perpetual inspiration for me and his other students to study under and work with him for we lived in a constant atmosphere of dynamic and intense spirituality that it’s difficult to describe in everyday terms. All I can say is that those twenty-five years seemed like lifetimes of concentrated experience. His ideas were new and ahead of their time and in comparison to his lightening mind, I and others I have met in this lifetime seem slow and dull in comparison.

Although I could write about many of my Master’s qualities, for the purposes of this brief biography I shall focus on several of his abilities that could be described typical of the evolved Aquarius, such as his remarkable telepathic abilities and his feats as an inventor.

The Sun sign is at home in the realms of thought and telepathy with unusual mental powers. Dr. King was a good example. He understood and gave profound teachings on the power of the mind; he excelled in the realms of imagination and creative visualization. Even as a boy, he never hesitated to think thoughts on a grand scale. He dreamed of a better world and worked hard to bring his vision to life; another hallmark of Aquarius.

Later his focused effort through years of strict yoga discipline led him to attainment of the highest states of consciousness. By the early 1950s, his wisdom and mastery were evident to all around him. Through incredible mental control he was able to levitate, to dematerialize and rematerialize, and leave his body at will. However, ever seeking ways to serve mankind rather than his own advancement, he soon left behind his own bliss and phenomenal psychic abilities.

One day in May, 1954 his life and destiny were to change forever. Dr. King was in his London flat washing dishes when he heard a voice, loudly and distinctly informing him that he had been selected by advanced Masters from beyond this world to be a channel for their teachings. This great revelation became known as The Command.

The planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, governs all that is unpredictable. In mythology it is the sky god and rules all that comes out of the blue. While the typical Aquarian is unlikely ever to receive a revelation such as this one, it is an illustration of the sudden changes that can occur in the lives of this unusual Sun sign.

You may ask why Dr. King was chosen to be a channel for the Masters. It was because he was prepared for this great task. He had an unusual degree of single-minded determination combined with the courage of his convictions which enabled him to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Through his intensive yoga training he was capable of raising his consciousness at will so that he could gain telepathic rapport with these Masters.

On one occasion in London in the 1980s, I was physically close to him after he had brought about the mystic state referred to as Samadi during which he channeled messages from the Masters. I was profoundly impressed by the sheer power and intensity of his elevated vibrations during this reception. As I approached I could feel the enticing, yet powerful after effects of this mystic state and of his intensely heightened vibrations.

You may ask what was the purpose of this channel of communication? What has it to do with Aquarius? These teachings contained in these messages were given for the world as a whole as an aspect of the Age of Aquarius now dawning. An Astrological Age lasts for over two thousand years and during this time humanity as a whole has the opportunity to evolve by learning lessons and developing qualities associated with the incoming Age. In the Age of Pisces the lessons of love, forgiveness, service and sacrifice were uppermost. Now, in the Age of Aquarius, the lessons include brotherhood, tolerance and the combining of science and spirituality. These themes will become more evident as the Age progress. Currently the Age of Aquarius is in its infancy and Dr. King was a Spiritual pioneer and forerunner of this Age.

Extract from “Superstar Signs: Sun Signs of Heroes, Celebrities and You” by Chrissie Blaze, published by O-Books, Fall 2008. All copyright strictly reserved. No reproduction or whole or part may be done without written permission from O-Books, www.o-books.com