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The Nine Freedoms – An authoritative metaphysical treatise on the progress through Ascension to Cosmic Existence

By Dr. George King

The Nine Freedoms is a series of nine sacred texts which were given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6, through the mediumship of Dr. King, along with detailed commentaries by Dr. King.

It includes the major steps towards the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension and reveals the way to Interplanetary Existence. Among the fascinating experiences outlined in it is an eye-witness account of an Earth woman undergoing the beautiful initiation of Ascension in an interplanetary spacecraft. There are also drawings and a description of the most amazing spacecraft ever to visit this Earth.

The mysteries of life after death, higher states of consciousness, kundalini, chakras, karma, Ascended Masters, cosmic initiations, Atlantis, Lemuria, and life on other planets – are explained simply and concisely.

It is not by chance that you will read this unusual and inspiring publication.

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Hardback; 200 pages.

This book is highly recommended to all.

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The motive which prompted the Cosmic Master, Mars Sector 6, to deliver this outstanding text was to effect a rise of consciousness in the genuine student, who is not only trying to evolve himself, but has, rightly, a deep yearning for some definite statement from Higher Authority regarding his eventual Evolutionary destination in the Cosmos. – Dr George King