“Pillars of Creation” – Hubble 

This week we continue our series on The Twelve Blessings with a look at the Eleventh Blessing – Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation.

In the last blessing we talked about the vastness of the Galaxy. As difficult as it is to comprehend the size of a galaxy, at least we have a physical manifestation to start with.

When we come to the supreme Lords of Creation however, we have no physical manifestation we can use to help us understand them.

The Master Jesus states:

There are no words in any language to express the Beauty of These Ones.

There are no thoughts in any mind-belt, which could possibly do half-justice to the Wondrous Power of These Ones.

For They are beyond description.

As usual, this week’s podcast includes insights into the topic from Dr King. We’ll play some extracts from him talking about this subject, including his description of what exactly ‘reality’ is. We’ll also play a short extract from the recording of this Cosmic Transmission. This means you can hear the voice of the Master Jesus, as he spoke through Dr King while he was in a deep samadhic yogic trance. So take a listen; join Olav Solberg as we delve deeper into this fascinating subject.