Ascended Masters

What does ‘Ascended Masters’ mean?

‘Ascended Masters’ are spiritual Masters, Who have gone through the change from existence in an Earth physical body to existence in an Ascended body.

To attain the state of full enlightenment, a meditator raises the kundalini power to the Christ chakra in the forehead. Ascended Masters have gone further than this, and raised the kundalini to the Crown chakra at the top of the head. When this can be attained at will, the meditator gains complete control of this highly sought after state of cosmic consciousness, and is then eligible for the Initiation of Ascension.

During this initiation the physical body becomes transmuted into an Ascended body which is ageless and no longer subject to death and rebirth. Ascended Masters can travel either in a materialised or a dematerialised form, and can travel through matter, e.g. physical walls, but they can also work with matter. They primarily live on the physical level like an ordinary Earth person, and also appear like one.

The Ascended Master known as Saint Germain

One of the Ascended Masters known as Saint Germain

For example, Saint Germain, also known as the Count of Germain, has been reported in European history for several hundred years and has been described as not aging. In his autobiography, Paramhansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship, describes how both he and his guru Sri Yukteswar met the Lord Babaji. He described him as young, yet the Lord Babaji has been helping humanity for thousands of years.

The Ascended Masters usually reside in physical retreats beneath different mountains throughout the world in magnetically strategic areas. The main retreats are beneath Mt Shasta, Castle Peak and the Grand Teton in the US, in the Andes, the Himalayas, Egypt, Scotland and Sri Lanka.

The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood” normally refers to the Ascended Masters. However, even though this Order is mainly composed of Masters who are Ascended, it can also include certain Masters and Adepts. The word “white” indicates that the Ascended Masters practise white magic. They are Masters of the highest attainment of the spiritual path on Earth, i.e. Ascension, therefore they are experts in white magic, which is the doing of God’s will. They work in service at the highest levels on this planet. They remain on Earth primarily to help the human race, bogged down as we are in suffering and evil. The word ‘white’ does not refer to skin colour, and indeed white skinned Ascended Masters are actually in the minority. Masters may be male or female.

The work of the Ascended Masters

One of the Ascended Masters Swami Vivekananda

The Ascended Master Swami Vivekananda

As practitioners of the highest form of service on the planet, the Ascended Masters act as advisors, They collate information, and they manipulate and radiate spiritual energies. For instance, at the retreat in Scotland, the Ascended Masters collate and evaluate the activities of every religious and spiritual group on Earth including the transmission of all spiritual energies, thereby gauging the true worth of every active religion. They teach, inspire, and very occasionally they may heal. They may even raise from the dead – very occasionally – when this is necessary.

In their retreats they also work with physical equipment. For instance they have batteries made of crystalline material which hold energies, and they also have apparatus to radiate this energy out. However, their work is with primary energies (radionics) rather than secondary energies (electronics). They deal with subtle energies – mind emanations – which they have equipment for measuring. They graph, collate and store information.

For instance, while visiting the Great White Brotherhood Retreat in Scotland, Dr King was shown a spool of film made of extremely thinly cut crystal. Micro-grooves on these thin crystal strips were cut by light beams and contained thousands of hours of information. When this was placed into a machine a picture was generated while information was conveyed via telepathy. Dr King commented that the Ascended Masters have the most evolved radionics apparatus not yet dreamed of by any science fiction writer. The Ascended Masters were given instructions on how to build and operate this advanced radionic equipment from the Masters on other planets, who are referred to as Cosmic Masters.

Some major aspects of the Ascended Masters’ work

One of the main functions of the Ascended Masters in these days is the manipulation of energies, in particular spiritual energies that have been sent to Earth from outside sources, such as the Cosmic Masters’ satellite, Satellite No. 3. The condition of mankind is generally so low that we cannot absorb much of this energy at any one time, so the energy is saved in the Batteries held by the Ascended Masters Who slowly radiate it out over a period of time.

However, the most fundamental work that the Ascended Masters do is to protect the existence of humanity on this planet. Such is the spiritual stature and high karmic position of these great beings that just being themselves on this planet ensures a certain karmic balance. The negative karma accrued by humanity throughout the centuries, through wrong thought and action such as wars, means that without the balancing influence of the Ascended Masters, there would be dire consequences for the human race.

The Ascended Masters are interested in the human race as a whole, and not any particular races, countries, politics or religions. They work with groups rather than individuals. It is said that for every step you take towards the Masters, they will take two towards you.

Sometime in the future the Ascended Masters will walk amongst humanity openly. This will happen when mankind is ready for it to happen. It may happen gradually, starting with a few unusual meetings with these great Masters.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth” is another name for the Ascended Masters. As this name indicates, these Masters are at the top of the spiritual hierarchy on this planet. By going through the Initiation of Ascension they have effectively graduated from the classroom called Earth. If they choose to they could leave Earth for a higher classroom, that is one on another planet in this Solar System, and continue their evolution on those higher levels. The reason they choose to stay on Earth is to be of benefit to humanity.

People who have had contact with the Ascended Masters

The Theosophical Society is an organisation that was founded in 1875 on the direction of the Ascended Masters, through the abilities of Madame Helena Blavatsky. Blavatsky herself was an adept and she brought much esoteric/occult teaching onto the public level. She wrote The Secret Doctrine, and met the Master Kuthumi.

Alice Bailey, who continued theosophical teachings through automatic writing, was inspired by and saw the Master Kuthumi, although most of her work was transmitted from Djwhal Khul who described himself as a Tibetan adept. She founded the Lucis Trust and was the author of The Great Invocation.

The Lord Babaji - head of the Spiritual Hierarchy which is mostly made up of Ascended Masters

The Lord Babaji

Paramahansa Yogananda, in his autobiography, gives details of meetings with the Lord Babaji, the Head of the Great White Brotherhood – who was himself the guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. Lahiri Mahasaya was the guru of Sri Yukteswar who was the guru of Yogaganda. This gave Yogananda a direct spiritual lineage from the Ascended Masters, namely their leader. All of these three people met the Lord Babaji. Seeing the great interest of Sri Yukteswar in furthering spiritual harmony among all nations, the Lord Babaji, requested him to write The Holy Science to show the underlying unity of Hinduism and Christianity.

Dr George King was in contact with the Ascended Masters at the same time as being Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel for the Cosmic Masters. As a highly advanced agent of the Cosmic Masters, Dr King was given certain assignments that brought him into contact with the Ascended Masters over an extended time period. Dr King visited retreats of the Great White Brotherhood several times, and in 1983 was invited to “The Festival of Carrying the Light” which is undertaken by the Spiritual Hierarchy every year in order to invoke high spiritual energies for the benefit of mankind.

In 1979 he visited Shamballa, the etheric vessel above the Gobi Desert which is the headquarters of the Order. He was also privileged to witness an actual Initiation of Ascension performed by a Cosmic Master and has described this very rare experience in the book The Nine Freedoms. He has personally met the Lord Babaji, the Lord Maitreya, Saint Goo-Ling and other Ascended Masters, and has also taken samadhic and telepathic Transmissions from several of these Masters.

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