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Join Elizabeth Martin as we look into the coming of the Next Master in more detail. This podcast is partly based on Dr George King’s lecture The Next Master Is Coming.

Masters from other planets have visited Earth

Throughout our history on Earth great beings have come among us. They have come to offer guidance and help along the way. Those who have left the most obvious mark on our history are the likes of the Lord Buddha, the Master Jesus and the great Sri Krishna. And of course there have been many others, some who have not had a public profile like these but who have nevertheless helped us tremendously.

The next Master is coming

But visitations from great ones such as these are not confined to history. They have continued to visit us, even in much more modern times, and there is much speculation about who will be the next Master to grace us with their presence and their wisdom.

Dr George King, had an outstanding experience in England in which he was given a unique insight into the coming of the next Master and this is the subject of this podcast.

In this podcast you will discover:

  1. The prophecy on the coming of the Next Master
  2. How he will come to Earth
  3. What will happen when he arrives

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