UFOs have been visiting us for centuries. They have been seen to fly in unusual patterns or to perform instant changes in direction and other aerobatics that are not possible according to our current level of science. They clearly come from other worlds, and also clearly have a greater science than we do.

Interplanetary beings have in fact lived among us as apparent terrestrials throughout our history. They have founded some of our major religions and guided us at pivotal times in our history.

But what of today? What is their message for us in this modern world and what can we do to cooperate with them?

In this podcast you will hear:

  • Why UFOs are here
  • Who are operating them
  • What their message is for humanity

This information comes from one of the greatest UFO contactees of all time, Dr George King.

UFO poll

33% of NZers believe UFOs have visited Earth according to a UMAR poll in 2011. What do you think?

A great change is coming – a spiritual renaissance

There is a cosmic plan for this Earth and all life upon it. This is a large subject, but briefly, this planet, the Mother Earth, is a vast cosmic intelligence who has provided us all a home – a classroom to live and learn in.

On July 8th 1964 she received a great cosmic initiation to prepare her for a major change – that being a rise in vibration of her body and a fuller expression of her great spiritual potential. In the past she has denied herself this so that all life on her majestic body may have a suitable classroom to gain essential experience.

Since this great initiation, UFOs and the cosmic intelligences who travel in them have been very active in helping to prepare mankind for this great spiritual change to come.

The main thing holding mankind back from inheriting this new world to come is the correct use of what we call spiritual energy. To this end the extraterrestrial intelligences have gone out of their way to provide mankind with easily accessible spiritual energy sources and opportunities of cooperation so that we can all help each other to evolve from our present position to that place where we can enter into this great new age of enlightenment and enhanced vibrations.

Listen to the podcast

In this podcast Frank McManus looks into the occult significance of UFOs. This podcast is partly based on Dr George King’s lecture The Occult Significance of Flying Saucers.

An insightful lecture on UFOs

How they are helping us

  1. They have brought a large extraterrestrial craft known as Satellite No. 3 into regular orbit around Earth, during which time all spiritual actions are enhanced by a factor of 3,000 times.
  2. They have charged 19 mountains around the world as new age power centres from which anyone who visits them with an unselfish motive can radiate tremendous spiritual energy out to the world.
  3. They have made available a spiritual practice and teaching called The Twelve Blessings, designed to allow ordinary people to send out a beautifully balanced stream of healing and upliftment to the world.
  4. Dr King created a revolutionary way of concentrating the energy from prayer and releasing this as a potent force to desperate situations. The Cosmic Masters ensure the success of this vitally important mission by directly conveying the healing energy to the chosen recipients – who may be, for example, peace negotiators, relief workers, or victims of a disease outbreak.

These and many more powerful activities are playing a major part in helping our world at this pivotal time – all in cooperation with intelligences who operate these craft we call UFOs.

UFO insights: Scout Patrol Craft


  • Four major types varying in size and shape
  • Most carry a crew of 2 to 5
  • Diameter is 35 feet 6 inches
  • Large mother ships can carry up to 7,000 scout patrol vessels

Magnetic propulsion

  • They attract the great tides of energy which flow freely through the ether which is wrongly called “empty space”. The attraction of the power from these energy tides produces a reaction i.e. energetic release. The forces so generated are controlled and used for the motive power of these vessels.
  • By controlling the natural fields of magnetic energy the operators of scout patrol vessels can use the energy potential of existing gravitational fields as a secondary propulsion unit, to enable easy landings on to and ascents from any planetary mass. They know that gravity is a dual poled magnetic force and they are able to reverse these poles at will.
  • The incredible feats performed by these craft, such as sudden rapid changes of direction, would only be possible if the force of gravity were controlled.
UFOs are more commonly seen than most people realise

A typical UFO, the scout patrol craft


  • Some vessels can be dematerialized at will by their operators and the vibratory octave of their existence so changed as to become invisible to our eyesight.
  • The phenomenon has been noted on numerous occasions by aircraft which have been pursuing these flying saucers.
  • At times the operators of these vehicles can choose to rotate the streams of photons around their craft in a 360 degree arc, thereby rendering themselves invisible to the ordinary eye.