In this podcast you will hear:Swan Heart

  • What a soul mate is
  • Why we all have a soul mate
  • How you and your soul mate evolve together
  • What this means for you spiritually

What are soul mates?

Most people think of the concept of soul mates in the romantic sense, but there is so much more to it than this. In order to understand this we need to look back in time to creation itself. Millions upon millions of years ago, the Divine Creator saw fit to involve itself into creation. As part of this process of creation our soul was split into two, creating two individuals of complimentary energies; one of predominately male energy, and the other predominately of female energy.

Male and female energies

Male energy could be seen as the positive pole; creative, rational, active or yang. Female energy could be seen as the negative pole; preservative, intuitive, passive or yin. Both yin and yang energy are needed to produce perfect balance. A man by himself cannot be complete because he lacks the female vibrations and energy to make him complete. In the same way a female cannot be complete as she lacks the male energy. One is completely dependent upon the other. Every individual must have a soul mate in order to bring about complete soul balance. Finding your soul mate has nothing whatsoever to do with finding your perfect sexual partner. In fact the relationship between soul mates is not about sex, and the more advanced spiritually we become the more this will become apparent.

Soul mates and the evolutionary journey

All of creation is on a journey of evolution back to God again. At some point in this journey we join together with our soul mate and become one again. But this process does not take place on the planet Earth. We must evolve ourselves through experience until we are at a stage where we are evolved enough to ascend from this planet and be born again on another planet together with our soul mate.

This process is described in the book The Nine Freedoms which explains the steps required to achieve ascension from this planet and life on other planets within this solar system. We evolve ourselves on Earth through many lives during which we gradually begin to have more and more experience with our soul mate. Eventually we will reach the stage where we are so spiritually evolved that we will be able to leave this planet and be born again on another planet in this Solar System together with our soul mate.

At this stage soul mates will be on the same evolutionary level. They will be together as individuals, working for thousands of years together in complete harmony and balance. The more spiritually evolved soul mates become, the more they merge together. Then at the right time when the enough experiences have been lived through, a complete union is brought about and the two individual lifestreams join together as one great illuminated being.

Through a process over millions upon millions of years, all matter will eventually be absorbed back into the Absolute, or God. Ultimately we are all soul mates travelling on a journey back towards our Creator.