Several hundred galaxies

The above image from NASA contains several hundred galaxies and yet this is but a tiny glimpse of the incomprehensible vastness of the Absolute.

As we’ve progressed through The Twelve Blessings, we’ve gradually gone further and further outside of our comprehension. And with the Twelfth Blessing, we really have no concept of what is being described. For the Absolute is all things – it is God. There is nothing apart from the Absolute, nothing outside of it, it is everything.

There is a great amount of confusion as to what God is but in this mighty blessing the truth about the great creator of all things is laid bare in simple terms which anyone can understand. This blessing is an explanation and at the same time an initiation into the vastness and yet closeness of that mysterious thing which has been given many names by many religions throughout the ages.

The Master Jesus gives some beautiful words to help us grasp what the Absolute is:

IT is the – I AM – within man.
IT is the – Life within all things.
IT is the – rain.
IT is the – drought.
IT is the – gentle breeze of summertime.
IT is the – mighty wind across the seas.
IT is the – seas.
IT is the – emptiness of Space.
IT is the – fullness contained within Space.
IT is the – Worlds.
IT is ever – and Forever and FOREVER.
IT IS INFINITY – and yet it is more than this – for IT IS behind even these things.

As incomprehensible as the Absolute is, it is a fantastic thing for us to contemplate for in doing so we expand our consciousness. So join us as we explore the wonder of the Absolute in our final podcast in the Twelve Blessings series.