Life on earth would not be possible without the Sun. It has been stated by the Masters that we are all solidified sunlight and all physical matter comes from the Sun. In fact in a purely physical sense, 99.8% of the matter in the Solar System is the Sun. But what about the spiritual aspect of the Sun?

Solar Existence

The Nine Freedoms are a series of Cosmic Transmissions delivered by a Cosmic Intelligence known as Mars Sector 6. They were delivered in order to stimulate and raise the consciousness of those people on earth ready to accept them.

They outline the steps we must take in our evolution within this Solar System and this culminates in the Ninth Freedom – Solar Existence. Yes as incredible as it sounds, there are great beings resident upon the Sun, but the nature of their existence is beyond our comprehension. Mars Sector 6 states:

In comparison with Their greatness, we are all but specks of Cosmic dust, floating in some magnetic stream, with vague, half-risen consciousness.

He goes on later to state:

It is little wonder that the scribes who wrote the Bible regarded the Sun as God. It is little wonder that even in more ancient times than this, they worshipped this as a God, for deep, deep down, beneath the slime of man’s ignorance, there was a burning Spark of the Divine which burned with the selfsame Flame as burneth this mighty Globe.

Solar Existence is a fascinating subject and to find out more listen to this week’s podcast presented by Frank McManus.