The power of prayer in action

The mudra or posture for sending prayer energy

You can make a difference

How many times have you been upset by the misfortunes that affect people around the world? Natural disasters, war, disease – these things bring untold suffering to so many people.

Prayer energy is a way that you can make a difference in the lives of these people who are suffering.

In this podcast you will discover:

  1. What prayer is
  2. How to use prayer to help others
  3. How to use prayer to help yourself
  4. The right types of prayers to use

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Join presenter Tanya Solberg as she looks into the subject of prayer. This podcast is partly based on Dr George King’s lecture The secret of personal prayer.

What is prayer?

In prayer, energy is conveyed from point A to point B – point A being the person who is praying, and point B the object of the prayer. The object of the prayer can be a person, a country or a natural disaster. And you can send prayer energy over any distance.

Here’s an extract from a lecture given by Dr George King:

“Supposing that you pray for someone else who may be sick. You are bringing together an energy; this energy culminates within yourself because you are making a call on or a request for this energy. The energy then begins to flow through your psychic centers, because they begin to operate more fully than they did before, because you’ve set something in motion.

Your psychic centers are open slightly, the energy comes in, and you are praying for your friend. You might only mention the name of that friend, you might picture that friend, you’ve virtually formed a link through the ether between yourself and your friend. And the beam of prayer energy can be sent through that link.  If, during your prayer, you visualize your friend as being free from any imperfection, in other words, if your friend is in bed ill, visualize them as raising out of bed and being filled with a splendid white light. You can even enhance your prayer hundreds of times by this, because not only are you sending the energy along that beam, but also a thought form which, if correctly made, can help in the whole process. You’re virtually projecting a positive, vibrant, living thought form from yourself to your friend. And if you do this properly, you’ll be called a miracle worker.”

How do you pray?

It might seem an odd question to ask, but both the posture to adopt when praying, and the content of the prayer, are generally not well understood.

It is best to adopt the posture shown in the image above. This allows the energy to radiate from your heart chakra and the chakras in the palms of your hands. You can visualise this energy leaving the chakras in the palms as well as the heart chakra. See it flowing out from you as a pure white light.

But you may not always be in a situation where you can raise your hands to pray, such as a public setting in which you would feel uncomfortable doing so. If you cannot raise your hands then you can still send out a very effective prayer with your palms upwards on your knees, or simply by focusing on sending energy out through your heart chakra when you say the prayer and apply mental direction.

Some examples of situations in which you could practice prayer in daily life:

  • You see an ambulance go past you on the street – say a prayer for the health of those the ambulance is attending to
  • You pass anybody on the street who is unwell – say a prayer for them to be healed
  • You see a woman who is obviously going to have a baby – say a prayer for her health and wellbeing

In this way you begin to practise prayer and as you do this you will be able at a moment’s notice to send prayer energy out to someone in need and by doing this you may provide the energy needed to alter their life.

The more you use prayer the more effective you will become at it and it is a wonderful way to be of service.

A great read on how to pray is The truth about dynamic prayer by Dr King.

Using the right prayer

It is important to use a balanced and well worded prayer. You can find some excellent prayers in:

  • The Twelve Blessings – this not only contains some beautiful prayers that are correctly balanced, but also some of the finest metaphysical teachings in the world today.
  • A Book of Sacred Prayers – this contains balanced prayers which have brought upliftment and inspiration to all who have used them.

These books can be used not merely to help individual people but can be used to help the whole world as they contain prayers to bring peace, healing and upliftment. You may also like to read Prayer Energy by Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett.

There are many different styles and expressions of prayer. Whether you use a traditional published prayer or make up your own prayer, what is important is that it states clearly and definitely the purpose of your prayer and where it is being directed. And of course, we should never use prayer to try to change another person’s mind.

Personal prayer

What about personal prayer to specifically ask for help for ourselves? There is nothing wrong with personal prayer for your own benefit, health and wellbeing. And if done with the right motive this can be tremendously beneficial. Dr King gave a formula for how to pray successfully for yourself and this was given in his lecture “The Secret of Personal Prayer”.

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