Interplanetary Existence is a step we will all take in our evolution at some point or other, albeit a very, very long way into our future. In fact Earth has not always been the planet the human race has resided upon – we originate from the planet Maldek.

The Earth is very much like a classroom. Once an individual has learned all the lessons that reincarnation upon Earth can teach them then they may remain on Earth as an Ascended Master, or begin life as a Cosmic Master on another planet.

As incredible as it sounds, all of us here on Earth will, at some point far in the future, leave Earth to continue our journey through experience on other planets.


There is life on Mars and all planets in our Solar System

This information comes from a Cosmic Being known to us simply as Mars Sector 6. He gave this information in the form of Cosmic Transmissions, or messages, which were delivered through the yogic mediumship of Dr George King.

“The Seventh Freedom will be—INTER-PLANETARY EXISTENCE.

“After the Initiation of Ascension, the lifestream passes from Terra and either returns to work upon Terra, or goes to another classroom in the Solar System. In this case, the lifestream would be born on to another Planet through the Flame of the Logos of that Planet. It would not be born through the womb of the female, spending some time in a re-enactment of its evolutionary process as happens when a lifestream returns to Terra.”

– Mars Sector 6

The Cosmic Masters within our solar system live on higher material planes of their respective planets. Mars, for example, may appear barren and uninhabited on the plane of existence which we are currently able to observe, but it is inhabited on a higher plane, also known as a higher realm or higher frequency of vibration. In fact our whole solar system, and indeed the entire universe, is brimming with life.

These beings have sent their emissaries to Earth to help us in the form of Avatars, but for the most part their true nature is not well known today.

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This podcast goes deeper into the subject of interplanetary existence based on the information received from Mars Sector 6 in The Nine Freedoms.