This is the second in our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings.

Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio

One of the most misunderstood words on the Earth today is the word – love – yet we are all capable of expressing love through the simple power of prayer. We can raise our hands and visualise a white light flowing out from the palms of our hands and from our hearts. As Dr King says,

Prayer is a way to direct energy by thought with love. If you imagined, when you were praying, a small chariot was going away from yourselves, the chariot would be love and the load that it was carrying would be the universal life force, or prana.

Presenter Elizabeth Martin

Presenter Elizabeth Martin

The Master Jesus, in this blessing, is referring to those who do this. Those people who take the time to

send out energy to help the world, to uplift it and to heal it. The world desperately needs this energy and the Master Jesus is encouraging us to send our love out to it. And the prayers contained within The Twelve Blessings provide an excellent way to do this.

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Join Elizabeth Martin as we delve further into The Twelve Blessings with a look at the Third Blessing.