What we call spiritual healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A quintessential definition was given by Dr George King:

Spiritual healing is a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient.

Apart from being a very advanced Master of yoga, Dr King was also a brilliant healer – having given his first treatment at the age of eleven. As a result of this experience he investigated spiritual healing and developed a very safe and effective technique which he then passed on to many students throughout his life.

He also dispelled the myth that the success of spiritual healing depends upon the faith of the patient – for even animals and plants respond to this form of natural treatment.

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Can anyone learn to heal?

Yes! A healer is a person who can draw upon the great sea of prana all around them and so energise their aura that they have an excess of this energy. This can then be sent outwards to others, sometimes with miraculous results.

Everyone can channel this energy through themselves and there are many ways to do so such as through prayer, mantra, visualisation, and healthy living. However, the ancients found that deep breathing was perhaps the most potent. They devised systems of breathing exercises to energise the aura with this energy of life, these are known as pranayama.

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Myths about spiritual healing

  • It only works if you believe in it. This is not the case as even animals respond to spiritual healing.
  • It is a gift that only a few people have. This is not the case either as anyone can learn to give spiritual healing.
  • It is an ‘alternative’ to traditional medicine. Rather than an ‘alternative’ therapy, it is a ‘complementary’ therapy. It should never replace the advice of a qualified medical professional.

The King Technique

Dr King, after deep psychic investigation and meditation, brought together a simple and powerful healing technique which revolutionised the spiritual healing movement. This technique, later called ‘The King Technique’, was published in a pioneering work on spiritual healing called You Too Can Heal (also included in The Magic of Healing). It was designed to bring a balance to the psychic centres within the aura of the patient, and also to help treat the condition they suffered from.

Unlike some schools of thought that believe a person’s illness is a result of their karma and therefore should not be tampered with, Dr King stated that it was the duty of all people to help others bear their karmic burden through giving service which he regarded as the greatest of all the yogas, namely karma yoga.

He maintained that anyone can become an effective healer provided they have:

  1. A deep feeling for those who suffer
  2. Faith in their own ability

Combine these with a safe technique and miracles can happen.

You too can heal!

If you doubt that you can heal, here are some words of encouragement from Dr. King:

You should remember that the greatest yoga of all is the yoga of Service, and by the administration of Spiritual Healing, you are giving a true, selfless Service to suffering mankind. You are helping him to progress as well, for your Healing power not only cures the physical effects in the body, but will often help to cure the mental causes in the mind as well. This will bring the patient a greater realisation of the wondrous world of the Spiritual forces. As well as this, you are progressing yourself by performing two great types of Service, namely, the Bhakti Yoga of love and compassion and the Karma Yoga of actively helping your fellow man.

By the Divine Law of Karma, you must also reap your own reward. Because by your potent Service, you will balance your Karmic pattern to such an extent that you will gain a deeper realisation and appreciation of the Divinity around you, as well as a knowledge of the use of the miraculous tools contained within Nature’s finer forces.

Learn. Apply. And you will discover that you too can heal.