Become a spiritual healer

Prayer energy can be stored in a battery

Once stored, this energy can later be released and directed to where it is most needed, such as war and disaster zones, with amazing results.

This futuristic metaphysical science was devised by western Master of yoga Dr George King, in 1973. It can be performed in five locations around the world, one of which is Auckland, New Zealand.

Why participate?

Operation Prayer Power was designed to allow anyone who wants to help the world to greatly potentise the effects of their prayers.

Since it’s inception, the release of this energy has resulted in beneficial and even miraculous outcomes to critical situations, and these have been documented in our literature.  We invite you to investigate.

By participating in Operation Prayer Power you can help to make a difference in the world.

How it works

In Operation Prayer Power, participants form a ‘mantra team’ who chant sacred mantra to invoke spiritual energy. This is then directed by a ‘prayer team’ (the ones in red robes) who use dynamic prayer to direct energy into the spiritual energy battery.

For regular participants, it can be an uplifting and powerful experience – not to mention an incredibly potent way to be of service to the world.

Why store spiritual energy in a battery?

Spiritual energy is what people can radiate when they pray in the right way. Just as we might store material resources for future use and emergencies, so too can we store spiritual energy. When disaster strikes it is very difficult to get a large group of people together at short notice to send uplifting and healing spiritual energy to the disaster zone and relief workers. But by storing spiritual energy in a battery every week through Operation Prayer Power, we are able to have a supply of this energy that we can send out at a moment’s notice.

When it takes place

Operation Prayer Power normally takes place once a week on either a Wednesday evening or a Saturday morning. To find the next time it is happening, please view the calendar below.

What to expect

Operation Prayer Power has a set format so when you first attend you will be an observer so you can understand how it works. Then if you want to attend again we will teach you the mantras so you can participate.

There are four sessions with a few minutes break between each of them.

Afterwards there is a relaxed social over tea, coffee and biscuits. You’re very welcome to join us.

Spiritual energy

Spiritual energy is similar to electricity in that it can be stored in a battery, although made of different materials to a regular battery. By storing energy each week we are able to build up a supply that can be released all at once in a more powerful concentrated form. It’s a little like the difference between firing 100 water pistols one at a time, versus a powerful firehose. The latter will be much more effective at putting out a fire.

Mantra and mudra

Mantra is a mystical system of sacred sounds used to invoke and radiate spiritual energy. Although seemingly simple, regular mantra practice can help improve your concentration and enhance your spiritual development in a very definite manner.


Prayer is the sending of spiritual energy from ourselves to a particular destination. This could be anything from a sick friend, to a disaster zone, or to the world as a whole. We pray with our hands raised which allows energy to flow out from the chakras in our heart and hands.

In Operation Prayer Power, the prayer team direct energy into the spiritual energy battery.

Who invented Operation Prayer Power?

It was invented by the Master of yoga, Dr George King. Listen to him explaining it in his own words in the short video below which was recorded in 1973.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend and newcomers are always welcome, we just ask that you arrive to be seated five minutes before the start time.

Location & parking

The Aetherius Temple, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland

There is parking at the rear of our building, or on streets nearby, or at the public carpark in Rawene Road. The Birkenhead bus stop is only a few minutes’ walk away.