Operation Prayer Power

Operation Prayer Power

Is it possible to store prayer energy in a physical container?

Not only is it possible, but this energy can later be directed to war and disaster zones with amazing results. For the first time in modern history, spiritual energy invoked through mantra and prayer can be stored in a battery and released under tremendous concentration when it is needed.

This futuristic metaphysical science was devised by western Master of yoga Dr George King in 1973.

How does it work?

In Operation Prayer Power a large group chants eastern mantra to invoke spiritual energy which is directed into the battery by a small team performing dynamic prayer. It is an uplifting and powerful experience to be a part of – not to mention an incredibly potent way to be of service to the world.

In the same way we store material resources for future use and emergencies, so too can we store spiritual energy. When disaster strikes it is very difficult to get a large group of people together at short notice to send uplifting healing energy to the disaster zone and relief workers. But by storing spiritual energy in a battery every week through Operation Prayer Power, we are able to have a supply of this energy that we can send out at a moment’s notice.

Why participate?

Operation Prayer Power was designed to allow all spiritually minded people to greatly potentise the effects of their prayers. Since it’s inception, the release of this energy has resulted in beneficial and even miraculous outcomes to critical situations, and these have been documented in our literature.  We invite you to investigate.

By participating in Operation Prayer Power you can help to make a difference in the world.

See our calendar for dates and times.