We invite all spiritually-minded individuals who wish to support the aims and objects of The Aetherius Society and cooperate with our world-healing activities, to apply for Membership.

The price of Membership is NZ$100 per year.

Before applying you should have a grasp of the key teachings of The Aetherius Society. We suggest that you have read the following books The Twelve BlessingsThe Nine FreedomsContacts with the Gods from Space, and Realize Your Inner Potential as well as have studied the audio of The Cosmic Plan.

Different types of membership:

Full Membership:

Full Membership entails a definite level of commitment to the Society and its global mission of world peace and enlightenment. All Full Members observe annually July 8th, the holiest day of the year, and 13 other commemoration dates as listed and prescribed in the Aetherius Society’s ecclesiastical calendar.

Our Full Members also support The Aetherius Society, when possible, by participation in Services, Operation Prayer Power and Pilgrimages, and by attendance at lectures, seminars, and workshops. Members also often hold their own services at home to send out much needed spiritual energy and healing to the world.

The Membership year runs from July 8th to July 7th the following year, since we consider July 8th as the holiest day in our calendar and the beginning of our spiritual new year, known as an Earth year. Membership is renewable each year and the fee per year is $100 in New Zealand. These fees are to cover basic costs, the Aetherius Society is a non-profit organization and Membership fees are deliberately kept low. Membership includes subscription to our two journals The Aetherius Society E-Newsletter (monthly) and Cosmic Voice (four issues per year).

Help on your passing

Full Members of The Aetherius Society benefit from a unique service when they pass on to the other realms. Dr. King arranged for Full Members who have passed over to be met by people of a high spiritual calibre on these realms who will help them personally during the transition period.

Associate Membership:

Associate Membership is designed for those who support the Society’s aims and work, but are unable to participate in a more active role. This category of Membership therefore does not provide all the benefits of Full Membership.

The annual fee is the same, and includes subscription to our two journals The Aetherius Society E-Newsletter (monthly) and Cosmic Voice (four issues per year). Associate Members are required to observe July 8th, but no other commemorations in our calendar.

It is not a requirement to be an Associate Member before applying for Full Membership.

You can also contact us for further information.

(Please note that being a Friend of The Aetherius Society is not the same as being a Member. Becoming a Friend is for those people who are interested in, and sympathetic towards, the Society and its teachings, but does not involve any formal commitment. For some it is a very helpful step towards Membership, though it is not necessary to be a Friend before applying for Membership.)