This is the third in our series looking at the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King, by the Master Jesus, called The Twelve Blessings. These are a great spiritual teaching as well as a wonderful spiritual practice. A new website has recently been launched which explains more about The Twelve Blessings so to find out more visit

Who are the Wise Ones?

Swami Vivekananda

The Ascended Master Swami Vivekananda

The Wise Ones are those who have delved within and made contact with the spark of God which resides within them. They have gone through the stages of concentration, contemplation and meditation in order to contact this spark, the all-knowledge space which is within them.

They have risen the mighty power of kundalini and entered the deep state of samadhi, and there they have experienced great ecstatic peace which lasts for as long as they want it to last. They have bathed their soul in the light of the all-knowing part of God which is within them. Then they have made a supreme sacrifice – they have turned away from this peace, they have sacrificed this bliss in order to help the rest of humanity.

Throughout our history the Wise Ones have left their mark upon this world by spreading their light.

Blessed are the Wise Ones for they walk through a dark and ignorant world spreading their light.

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