This is a continuation of our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings.

In this, the Fourth Blessing which is to the Planetary Ones, we leave the confines of this Earth and look out into the Solar System to find the origins of many of the great spiritual teachers that have come among us.

Examples of the Planetary Ones

Examples of the Planetary Ones

The universe is alive and pulsating with life, and this includes the other planets in our Solar System. The beings on these planets have watched us throughout our history and have sent their emissaries to help us. Some have worked openly and left obvious legacies, whilst others have worked behind the scenes and their efforts have not been noticed, but each has left the whole of humanity far better off for their presence.

Some of the most well known of these are the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus, who came from Venus, and Sri Krishna who was from Saturn. They are some of the Planetary Ones; they are Avatars who have come to Earth to help humanity.

Blessed are the Planetary Ones who have, at this time, sacrificed peace, sacrificed friendship, sacrificed their very salvation for you.

It’s not easy or pleasant for these great beings to come to Earth in this way. They are highly evolved – the difference between them and ourselves is far more pronounced than the difference between us and the animal kingdom. They must endure terrible limitation to live among us as we live, but they do so in order to help us, such is their love and compassion for the human race.

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