Service to others: karma yoga

Karma Yogaservice to the world – is the spiritual path for today. Service is both a way you can help the world, and a practice that will help you advance on your spiritual path. Service to others, and to the Mother Earth, is at the core of everything we do in The Aetherius Society.

Sending out love energy to help inspire, heal and uplift others is spiritual service. In The Aetherius Society this takes the form of invoking spiritual energy through dynamic prayer, mantra and spiritual healing.

With radionic apparatus capable of potentising this energy, and the cooperation of Cosmic Masters, even a few people have had a profound effect. The weather has also been modified by providing harmonious energies to the devic kingdom. Helping the Cosmic Masters creates positive karma for humanity as a whole, as well as for the individual.

Regular Services

Every week we hold services in which we send out spiritual energy to help our world.

These take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

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Cooperation with Satellite No. 3

The Cosmic Masters orbit a large space craft around Earth four times per year to direct extra energy to all those performing unselfish service. Also, everyone who knows of these orbits, called Spiritual Pushes, may anchor this inspirational energy on Earth by invoking it through prayer or mantra. Group activity such as in our Services, is even more effective.

Operation Prayer Power

This involves cooperation with Cosmic Masters, hence it’s classified as a Cosmic Mission. It utilises radionic equipment, and is the most potent way a group can invoke spiritual energy and have it targeted. We invite all who are interested to participate.


These are journeys to any of the 19 Holy Mountains of the world which were charged with spiritual energy by the Cosmic Masters. Dr King was the channel used to charge 18 of these mountains. Dynamic prayer on the Holy Mountains can invoke as much energy for the world as could an Adept in past times.

Cosmic Missions

These are the most important acts of global service the society performs today. Radionic equipment is used to send spiritual energy – radiated by the Cosmic Masters – to help conditions on Earth, or to the Mother Earth herself.

Spiritual healing

Dr King devised a healing technique that any aspiring healer can use to direct pranic energy into the aura of another person to facilitate healing. Miracles have resulted from this technique. We offer spiritual healing on Tuesdays (by donation, no charge) and run workshops where you can learn the technique.

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