Love – it is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly used words on earth. And even though all of us can express true Love, only a few really do so.

By ‘Love’ we don’t mean the personal Love between a man and a woman, or a parent and a child, but a Love that goes far beyond close family ties and stretches throughout the world and even to the whole of creation itself.

Send our your love to the world through the power of prayer

In this, the second of our podcast series on the book The Nine Freedoms, we’re looking into the Second Freedom – Love.

As part of our personal journey through evolution we must bring the power of Love into active manifestation. We have within our hearts the capacity to unlock this mighty power, but how do we begin to access this? And do we really understand what Love is? The Nine Freedoms can help us answer these questions.

The word Love, in the average person’s dictionary, means something very different from what it really is. As Mars Sector 6, the great Cosmic Master who gave us the profound spiritual teachings in The Nine Freedoms, said:

LOVE is not the measure of emotion, whether soft or violent, it is something deeper, something greater, something which cannot be measured even in mind conception.

Love is a pure, uncontaminated energy which is above like or dislike, above possession and certainly above emotion.