Bravery – The First Of The Nine Freedoms


We're excited to announce that this is the first ever podcast produced by the New Zealand Branch of The Aetherius Society! It's also the first in a series of shows about the amazing book called The Nine Freedoms. This book contains a series of transmissions delivered by a Cosmic Intelligence, the great Mars Sector 6, [...]

The Power Of LOVE


Love - it is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly used words on earth. And even though all of us can express true Love, only a few really do so. By 'Love' we don’t mean the personal Love between a man and a woman, or a parent and a child, but a Love that [...]

The Value Of Service


This week we look at Service - something which is not common enough in our world, and yet is so desperately needed. Service is the Third of The Nine Freedoms. Unselfish service to others is the great karma yoga in these days, and it’s something we can all do in one way or another. We [...]

Enlightenment – How Can We Reach It?


Julian Enlightenment Enlightenment is a deep state of meditation in which the meditator becomes one with that upon which they meditate. Upon reaching this state one has perfect vision and knows about all things past, present and future. To achieve it one must have risen above the ignorance which faces all mankind. [...]

Cosmic Consciousness – What Is It?


Paramahansa Yogananda gave a good description of Cosmic Consciousness in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" If we study the lives of the great Masters, Saints and Yogis throughout the ages, we will see that they experienced a different reality to those around them. They experienced a oneness with life and a [...]

The Initiation of Ascension


This week's presenter Elizabeth Martin This week's presenter, Elizabeth Martin, joins host Julian Rosser, as we delve into the fascinating mystery of Ascension. Ascension is a great initiation that we must all take at some stage in our evolution. We are here to learn in the classroom called Earth, but at some [...]

Interplanetary Existence


Interplanetary Existence is a step we will all take in our evolution at some point or other, albeit a very, very long way into our future. In fact Earth has not always been the planet the human race has resided upon - we originate from the planet Maldek. The Earth is very much like a [...]

Saturnian Existence – The Eighth of The Nine Freedoms


After gaining experience on other planets in our Solar System a lifestream attains Saturnian Existence. It is born as an adult through the Logos, or life force, of the planet Saturn. The great beings on the planet Saturn are more highly evolved than the beings on any of the other planets in our Solar [...]

Solar Existence – The Ninth Freedom


Life on earth would not be possible without the Sun. It has been stated by the Masters that we are all solidified sunlight and all physical matter comes from the Sun. In fact in a purely physical sense, 99.8% of the matter in the Solar System is the Sun. But what about the spiritual aspect [...]