Paramahansa Yogananda gave a good description of Cosmic Consciousness in his book

Paramahansa Yogananda gave a good description of Cosmic Consciousness in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”

If we study the lives of the great Masters, Saints and Yogis throughout the ages, we will see that they experienced a different reality to those around them. They experienced a oneness with life and a love for

all things. The truly amazing thing is that the ability to experience life in this way is within reach of us all. Indeed the Cosmic Master Mars Sector 6 who gave the spiritual teachings known as The Nine Freedoms makes it quite clear that Cosmic Consciousness is a birthright of all of us and should be our goal.

But like all things worth pursuing, it is a lofty goal and not easily gained. It is something we work towards over many lifetimes. It is the culmination of a great journey through all of our experiences – from selfishness to selflessness.

As discussed in our previous episode on Enlightenment, in order for Cosmic Consciousness to be experienced, the power of kundalini must be risen from the base of the spine up through the spinal column, through each of the psychic centres, to the crown chakra. Kundalini may be understood as an aspect of the Divine Spirit which is lodged in matter and is a negative pole or female in vibration.

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Cosmic Consciousness is this week’s topic on the Mystic FM podcast series, and with the help of Frank McManus - The Aetherius Societypresenter Frank McManus, we’ll continue our look at The Nine Freedoms by delving into this one some more. If this is the first in this series that you’ve listened to then you’ll still gain a lot from it as we repeat our introduction of what The Nine Freedoms are at the beginning of the show. But you may also like to listen to the earlier episodes: Bravery, Love, Service and Enlightenment.

The podcast includes extracts from lectures given by Dr. King, the founder of The Aetherius Society. Dr King was a great medium who was able to go into a positive samadhic yogic trance and allow a Cosmic Master – a being from another world known as Mars Sector 6 – to speak through him using his voice.

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