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Mystic FM is our podcast series which covers a wide range of spiritual subjects and each episode is published here. You can listen online, subscribe through iTunes or subscribe through a number of other good podcast services on Android phones.

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The Nine Freedoms podcasts

Bravery – The First Of The Nine Freedoms

We're excited to announce that this is the first ever podcast produced by the New Zealand Branch of The Aetherius Society! It's also the first in a series of shows about the amazing book [...]

  • All your prayers are greatly potentised during a Spiritual Push.

The Power Of LOVE

Love - it is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly used words on earth. And even though all of us can express true Love, only a few really do so. By 'Love' we [...]

The Value Of Service

This week we look at Service - something which is not common enough in our world, and yet is so desperately needed. Service is the Third of The Nine Freedoms. Unselfish service to others [...]

Enlightenment – How Can We Reach It?

Julian Enlightenment Enlightenment is a deep state of meditation in which the meditator becomes one with that upon which they meditate. Upon reaching this state one has perfect vision and knows about [...]

Cosmic Consciousness – What Is It?

Paramahansa Yogananda gave a good description of Cosmic Consciousness in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" If we study the lives of the great Masters, Saints and Yogis throughout the ages, we [...]

The Initiation of Ascension

This week's presenter Elizabeth Martin This week's presenter, Elizabeth Martin, joins host Julian Rosser, as we delve into the fascinating mystery of Ascension. Ascension is a great initiation that we must all [...]

  • Mars

Interplanetary Existence

Interplanetary Existence is a step we will all take in our evolution at some point or other, albeit a very, very long way into our future. In fact Earth has not always been the planet [...]

Solar Existence – The Ninth Freedom

Life on earth would not be possible without the Sun. It has been stated by the Masters that we are all solidified sunlight and all physical matter comes from the Sun. In fact in a [...]

The Twelve Blessings podcasts

Blessed are they who work for peace

This is the first of our podcasts looking at a series of Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King called The Twelve Blessings. These Blessings were given in 1958 by The Master Jesus who [...]

  • Swami Vivekananda

Blessed are the wise ones

This is the third in our series looking at the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King, by the Master Jesus, called The Twelve Blessings. These are a great spiritual teaching as well as [...]

Blessed are they who love

This is the second in our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings. One of the most misunderstood words on the Earth today is the word [...]

Blessed are the planetary ones

This is a continuation of our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings. In this, the Fourth Blessing which is to the Planetary Ones, we leave [...]

Blessed are the thanksgivers

This week we continue our series on the Cosmic Transmissions known as The Twelve Blessings, which were delivered by the Master Jesus through Dr George King. This week we look at the Fifth Blessing [...]

Blessed are they who heal

This week we continue our series on the Cosmic Transmissions known as The Twelve Blessings which were delivered through Dr George King. This time it's the Sixth Blessing we're looking at: Blessed are they who [...]

Blessed is the Mother Earth

Blessed is the Mother Earth. Blessed is She, Who, in sacrifice, has made a Space Refuge for you all. - The Master Jesus, 1958 The Mother Earth is not just a large inanimate lump [...]

Blessed is the mighty Sun

Here we look at the eighth of The Twelve Blessings which is to the mighty Sun. If ever life on Earth was dependent upon any one thing, then it is completely and absolutely dependent upon [...]

Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Karma

Antennae galaxies In this week's podcast we continue our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings with a look at the Ninth Blessing. The [...]

Blessed Is The Absolute

The above image from NASA contains several hundred galaxies and yet this is but a tiny glimpse of the incomprehensible vastness of the Absolute. As we've progressed through The Twelve Blessings, we've gradually gone [...]

The spiritual sciences podcasts

The next Master is coming to Earth

Listen to the podcast Join Elizabeth Martin as we look into the coming of the Next Master in more detail. This podcast is partly based on Dr George King's lecture The Next Master [...]

How to develop your clairvoyance

In this episode of the Mystic FM podcast Frank McManus addresses the topic of clairvoyance and how we can develop it. Although often seen as being some kind of special gift, clairvoyant powers are [...]

  • UFO scount patrol vehicle

UFOs – their occult significance

UFOs have been visiting us for centuries. They have been seen to fly in unusual patterns or to perform instant changes in direction and other aerobatics that are not possible according to our current level [...]

The power of prayer energy

The mudra or posture for sending prayer energy You can make a difference How many times have you been upset by the misfortunes that affect people around the world? Natural disasters, [...]

Learn to heal – intro video & podcast

What we call spiritual healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A quintessential definition was given by Dr George King: Spiritual healing is a science in which the [...]

Developing your chakras or psychic centres

In this podcast we look at the significance and development of the chakras, otherwise known as psychic centres. Our presenter Tanya Solberg covers not only what they look like, and how they affect our physical [...]

Soul mates

In this podcast you will hear: What a soul mate is Why we all have a soul mate How you and your soul mate evolve together What this means for you spiritually What [...]

The Devic Kingdom

In this episode of the Mystic FM podcast Tanya Solberg takes us into the fascinating unseen world of the devic kingdom. Tanya will reveal, based on her study of Dr King's work, insights into [...]

  • The Mother Earth

Operation Sunbeam

This podcast looks at the Cosmic Mission Operation Sunbeam which was devised by Dr George King. In Operation Sunbeam spiritual energies, which were originally intended for the use of humanity, are instead given to [...]

The spiritual energy crisis

This podcast, presented by Frank McManus, is based on a lecture by Dr George King available on CD and download. The main energy crisis on Earth today is the spiritual energy crisis. If this crisis [...]

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