Antennae galaxies

Antennae galaxies

In this week’s podcast we continue our series on the Cosmic Transmissions delivered through Dr George King known as The Twelve Blessings with a look at the Ninth Blessing. The Master Jesus begins with these words:

Oh my sweet adorable children, you come again to be bathed in the Wondrous Light of Mighty God and you shall be thus impregnated with this Wondrous Force, which cometh in soft gentleness from the Divine Heart.

Let your Love flow forth, Oh children, unto those I speak of, for They are Sacred ones—and this Love will be returned, after a little time and it will be fashioned by a greater Love.

The law of karma has been described in many ways, perhaps most famously by the Master Jesus 2,000 years ago when he stated:

As you sow, so shall you reap.

More colloquially these days someone might say “what goes around, comes around”. Karma is an all pervasive and inescapable law, affecting all of creation. Our every thought and action shapes our karma so we are creating our future, moment by moment. The supreme Lords of Karma ensure the smooth functioning of this great law as the Master Jesus goes on to state:

For these Ones, great above words, more Holy even than the Mighty Sun, stretch Their influence throughout all the Galaxy, so that the Great Laws of God—the Great Laws which ARE GOD—may be perfect in Their balance.

Take a listen to this week’s podcast as we explore this subject further.