Cosmic wisdom

The Aetherius Society offers you a vast amount of metaphysical teachings. These are available because of the mediumship of our founder, Dr George King (1919-1997), who was a Master of Yoga.

Dr King attained the elevated state of Samadhi and even beyond that, of Cosmic Consciousness. He was then chosen to be a channel for teachings by advanced Masters from beyond this Earth. To this day, these Masters from other worlds are providing essential help to both humanity and the planet at this time of great change. Not only this, they have given us an opportunity to cooperate with them.

The cosmic concept

The messages they gave through Dr King’s mediumship – known as Transmissions – introduce the cosmic concept to the world. Far from lifeless, the universe and even our own Solar System is teeming with life.

The core of these teachings are expressed in the two books, The Nine Freedoms and The Twelve Blessings. Study of these will give you an introduction to the beliefs and practices of The Aetherius Society.

Where are we going?

We are all evolving back to God. Our time in the classroom of Earth culminates in Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, and beyond this into the initiation of Ascension which is the final liberation from the cycle of reincarnation on the Earth plane.

The Nine Freedoms outlines the next steps in our journey of spiritual evolution.

Ascended Masters

Freedom from rebirth

After the initiation of Ascension, one may either become an Ascended Master on Earth to assist mankind, or advance onto the higher plane of another planet in our solar system as a Cosmic Master.

Cosmic Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Patanjali, Lao Tze, Confucius & Sri Krishna


Great Avatars (Cosmic Masters) have incarnated onto Earth from the other planets to perform predetermined tasks. Some of these have transformed whole cultures, such as Sri Krishna, the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus.

The Lord Buddha

The Next Master

The Next Master, who will lead humanity into the New Age on Earth, will be an Avatar who will not be born into human form but will come directly from space. The New Age will mean a change in conditions on our planet itself.

The Solar System is teeming with life

The Solar System

The Earth, the planets, and even the Sun are supremely advanced cosmic intelligences giving service to all lower life forms in the Solar System. We are only able to perceive their physical aspects but Cosmic Masters live on their higher planes.

After we have gained all the experience available to us on Earth then we too will progress on to gain even greater experience on other planets, albeit at a very distant point in our future.

The Mother Earth is a living being

The Mother Earth

The Goddess Earth upon which we reside is suffering greatly at our expense. She is holding up her evolution to provide us a home. But of necessity this will end with Earth changes and the New Age, when the planet will take the next step in her spiritual evolution.

King Yoga

Cosmic wisdom
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