The Magic of Healing – Heal yourself and others with these ancient and modern healing techniques

By Richard Lawrence

In The Magic of Healing Richard Lawrence shows how spiritual healing can help us to heal ourselves and others with both ancient and modern healing techniques.

This book demystifies spiritual healing and explains why it works, including what you need to know about prana, the aura and the chakras. It shows that the ability to heal is not just a gift reserved for the few, but is instead something we can all learn to do.

In this book you’ll learn a technique you can use to give healing to others, along with how to treat yourself and how to send healing over a distance. You’ll also learn how to increase the effectiveness of your healing through visualisation, breathing exercises and affirmations.

Softback; 232 pages.

This book is recommended to both beginner and experienced healers.

Becoming a healer is a wonderful calling. You can change and even save people’s lives. At the very least, you will bring comfort to them. It will inspire and uplift you; it will also sadden and frustrate you at times. You will become more intuitive, and probably more psychic. You will start to radiate energy naturally, and become a more dynamic personality. You will be on a path of real service, and there is nothing greater than that. – Richard Lawrence