Blessed is the Mother Earth. Blessed is She, Who, in sacrifice, has made a Space Refuge for you all.
– The Master Jesus, 1958

EarthThe Mother Earth is not just a large inanimate lump of rock, nor even simply alive, she is in fact a great and mighty goddess, vastly more advanced than we are in spiritual evolution. She has provided a home for us for millions of years to enable us to gain the ess
ential experience we need to progress upon our spiritual path towards enlightenment and ascension.

In order for us to live here she has had to dampen her vibrations and hold up her evolution. In other words her material existence is preserved in its current form for our benefit. She is sacrificing herself on our behalf. She could be a far more radiant being, but this would entail changes the like of which we would not be able to handle at our present stage of evolution. It is for our benefit that she hides her light beneath the bushel of a material form at a low enough vibratory rate to cater for our needs.

Unfortunately mankind as a whole has not paid the respect due to this great goddess, but despite this she has continued to sustain us.

The most Holy, the most Sacred, the most God-like Being you have ever physically touched, is the ground beneath your feet.

– Dr George King

The Mother Earth cannot forever hold up her own evolution to support mankind. She holds dormant within her body tremendous spiritual powers. She will gradually release these, raising all the vibrations around this Earth. This will bring into manifestation the prophesied New Age of enlightenment, peace and brotherhood.

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