UFOs – their occult significance


UFOs have been visiting us for centuries. They have been seen to fly in unusual patterns or to perform instant changes in direction and other aerobatics that are not possible according to our current level of science. They clearly come from other worlds, and also clearly have a greater science than we do. Interplanetary beings [...]

Learn to heal – intro video & podcast


What we call spiritual healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A quintessential definition was given by Dr George King: Spiritual healing is a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient. Apart from being a very advanced Master of yoga, [...]

How to develop your intuition & psychic abilities


We all have psychic and intuitive abilities, although in most of us they are latent. For some, intuition is something they can use in their daily lives. But for most people, these abilities need developing first in order to bear fruit. There are many different ways to develop them. Psychic abilities normally refers to specific [...]

Huffington Post visits The Aetherius Society


This week the Huffington Post published an article about The Aetherius Society after visiting our European Headquarters in London. Here's an extract from the article: There is another key component in what they call 'Operation Prayer Power', in the form of assistance from extra-terrestrial beings that take an active interest in our lives and wish [...]

The Aetherius Society on Close Up


This is the first post in our new blog! To get things started, here is a brief intro to The Aetherius Society from a piece that Close Up did in 2010.