Self-development practices

The practices taught by The Aetherius Society can help you on your spiritual path. These practices can change your karma for the better, help you send healing energy to others, help you to increase your health, energy, inspiration and heighten your consciousness. They can help you expand your mind and unleash the power of your intuition.

Karma yoga

We are all here in the classroom of Earth to learn and evolve. Strictly speaking, our main purpose on Earth is to learn to control the power of kundalini through the spinal column, so that we may ascend from the present Earth plane and evolve beyond the cycle of reincarnation. The recommended method of doing this is through service, or karma yoga.

Karma yoga practices

The Nine Freedoms outlines the nine step path of karma yoga which allows you to transform your karma and your future lives. The first three steps on this path are Bravery, Love and Service – which prepare you for the fourth step, Enlightenment.

Karma yoga spiritual practices such as prayer, mantra and spiritual healing help you to evolve spiritually because of their subtle effect on the chakras. In fact, it is not possible to do such practices without advancing, even when this is not the motive.

On the path of karma yoga, and at the right time, you will earn the opportunity to enter the meditative states required to attain Enlightenment.

Yoga breathing

Learn a system of ancient breathing exercises designed for the West.

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