Initiation into Dynamic and Soul Mantra (CD in album with insert)

A lecture on CD by Dr. George King

Mantra is a mystical system of sacred sounds which create sonic vibrations through the brain and nerves when uttered. The correct performance of mantra will enable you to increase your powers of concentration and enhance your spiritual progress, because mantra is designed to move subtle energies within the auric envelope and also attract subtle energies from outside the auric envelop so that you can become charged up with nature’s finer forces.

A true mantra is so sacred that it can only be given to another person by initiation from a genuine Master of mantra yoga, within whom the mantra “lives”. In this unique CD, Dr. George King, who was indeed such a Master, will initiate you into no less than 11 mantras for your personal use in spiritual development and, more importantly, service to others.

Duration: 1 hour 19 mins