Spiritual Pushes

Four times a year a space vehicle known as Satellite No. 3 comes into orbit of this Earth.

During these periods known as ‘Spiritual Pushes’ this craft beams down certain energies to all people on Earth who will use them in an unselfish manner to radiate love energy to the world. This is a wonderful way to be of service. In fact, all spiritual action is enhanced by a factor of 3000 times during these Spiritual Pushes.

The Aetherius Society performs special power circles during this period on a Monday evening starting at 8pm. We also hold a special service to mark the first and last hours of this craft coming into orbit of this world.

Spiritual Push dates in New Zealand

19 April to 24 May

6 July to 6 August

4 September to 10 October

5 November to 11 December

We hold a service to mark the first and last hours of each spiritual push. View times on our calendar.