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This podcast, presented by Frank McManus, is based on a lecture by Dr George King entitled Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation which is available on CD and download.

In the west today meditation refers to various states of mind, but Dr King had a much stricter definition of the term. He described it as the raising of kundalini up the spine, which is dangerous unless taught by a Master.

There are several forms of yoga: among the fastest paths to enlightenment are raja, gnani and kundalini yogas. Dr King undertook all of these and, after 10 years of intensive meditation practice, achieved the highest state possible in a human body, i.e. cosmic consciousness.

Today the correct path to enlightenment is the slower but much safer path of karma yoga, the yoga of service, as has been declared by the Cosmic Masters.

Raising kundalini

The fire of kundalini is like a three-and-a-half-coiled serpent and lies sleeping in muladhara, or the base of the spine psychic centre. When the meditator consciously brings together the universal life force and the latent kundalini power, the primeval force of kundalini moves upwards through the channel in the centre of the spinal column. It actually ascends through the tiny channel within the spinal column, called citrini, which is about 1/100th part of a human hair in breadth and extremely subtle.

As the meditator consciously raises kundalini up through each psychic centre in turn, each chakra is closed down when the power leaves it.  For instance, when the kundalini leaves the solar plexus centre, the meditator’s legs and hips become paralysed.

In the deeper stages of meditation the meditator becomes one with that upon which they contemplate. They may project their consciousness onto high planes, and receive great enlightenment and bliss. They become a Master, and may meditate for 5 minutes or 200 years.

When the meditative state can be attained at will, the even deeper state of cosmic consciousness is possible. In cosmic consciousness the meditator becomes one with that which is the object, and hence that which is all objects throughout the cosmos.

Cosmic consciousness is rarely attained, and a full description defies words. Dr King has given an excellent general description of this advanced state in the books The Nine Freedoms and Realise Your Inner Potential.

The modern spiritual path

These days it is service, otherwise known as karma yoga, which is more important than the lofty goal of meditation and enlightenment.

In karma yoga, all the stages on the path to enlightenment will be reached without undue force when the karma of the path brings us these opportunities. Of course the student of karma yoga can still practise breathing or other yoga exercises as they offer many benefits.

In the words of the Cosmic Master Mars Sector 6:

Serve – and the mighty power of kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion and open the chakra jewels in your higher bodies. In will pour inspiration and you will be standing on the verge of the Initiation into Adeptship.

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