Meditation – A complete workout for the mind

By Richard Lawrence

Meditation is the ultimate way to bring the peace of mind that everyone, at some level, is seeking. It can be the key to dealing with stress, emotional issues, and even health problems. Meditation can put you back in charge of your own mind.

In this incredibly practical and down-to-earth workbook, meditation expert Richard Lawrence will guide you through fourteen simple exercises, which, with minimal effort, can transform your life.

Try meditation for yourself, and you’ll never look back!

Soft cover, 82 pages.

Meditation is a most wonderful practice – everyone can do it, and it can transform your life.  It is one of the simplest things in the world, but not always the easiest: it means watching and controlling the mind, which most people very rarely do.  When you start to meditate, you begin to find a deep peace, to get a clearer perspective on life and learn to cope better with all kinds of things that you may have found stressful before. – Richard Lawrence