Swami Vivekananda

The Ascended Master Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda, Saint Germain and the Lord Maitreya are some of the names you may have heard of as being Ascended Masters who are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. But what does this actually mean?

This podcast is based on a lecture by Dr George King which is available on CD and download.

What is the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth?

Sometimes referred to as the Great White Brotherhood, or simply as Ascended Masters, it is a tremendously important mystic order. The reference to “white” has nothing to do with skin colour and in fact white skinned Masters are in the minority. “White” simply indicates they use white magic, as opposed to black magic. There are both male and female Masters.

What the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth is NOT

  • It is not aligned with any particular country or political system.
  • Ascended Masters do not provide personal advice to individuals.
  • Members of this order are not easily contactable by the average person.

What is Ascension?

Through the process of karma and reincarnation, over countless lifetimes we gain experience in the classroom of Earth. Eventually there comes a time when we have gained all the experience possible in this classroom and so we are ready to move on to a higher classroom. Ascension is the ‘graduation’ from the classroom of Earth to a higher sphere, literally another planet, where we can gain further experience.

All of us will eventually reach the stage of ascension and it is up to us whether it takes a long time or a very, very long time. It is the culmination of lifetimes of practices and service so it can’t be gained in just one lifetime and there are no special exercises that can guarantee it.

Once a person has reached the stage of ascension they can leave Earth to live on another planet and gain further experience, or they can stay here on Earth to help the rest of humanity. It is those who stay on Earth that form the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. So Ascended Masters are highly elevated – essentially interplanetary beings – but they have chosen to give up this honour in order to be of service to the rest of us who have not yet reached this stage of evolution.

Where does this information come from?

This all comes from Dr King who has actually met a number of members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and visited one of their retreats.

He gave an talk entitled ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ which is an excellent source of further information on this subject. This is available to purchase as a CD or download from our website.

In the podcast we also discuss:

  • The activities of the Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Locations of some of their retreats and the technology they have
  • The names of some Ascended Masters, including the leader
  • The initiation of ascension in more detail
  • Meetings Dr King had with members of the Spiritual Hierarchy

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