Realise Your Inner Potential


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Realise Your Inner Potential – A spiritual handbook for a new age 

By Dr. George King and Richard Lawrence – Second edition

These days more and more people are realising there is greater purpose to life than material existence. The saints and sages throughout the ages have taught us that the true purpose of life is a spiritual one.

Realise Your Inner Potential is the spiritual workbook that can guide you successfully towards inner realisation where you will discover the truth for yourself.

It takes you through a system of personal awakening exercises designed by renowned western Master of yoga, Dr. George King. Containing seven key initiations and more than 40 practices which will enhance spiritual awareness and psychic ability, and make you a better channel for healing power, you will learn:

  • Mystic visualisations used by great masters throughout the ages
  • Holy mantras of great power
  • A system of ancient breathing exercises designed for the West
  • An advanced method of yogic prayer
  • How to achieve peace in the midst of materialism
  • How to change your karma for the better
  • Why service is the key to enlightenment in these days
  • and much more…

Softback; 242 pages.

This book is highly recommended.

Also available as part of a special package deal including a CD and DVD.

This information can change your life; it can make you into a more useful person than you have been in the past, and when it does, then your practice and expenditure of effort will have been worthwhile. – Dr George King