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You Too Can Heal – An illustrated explanation of a well-tried technique of spiritual healing which anyone can use

By Dr. George King

“Every man, woman and child on earth is capable of giving spiritual healing” – so said Dr. George King who revolutionised the spiritual healing movement with the publication of You Too Can Heal in 1976, dispelling the myth of it being a “gift” reserved for the few.

The comprehensive yet brilliantly simple techniques outlined in this book will teach you how to give both contact and absent healing – as well as self-healing – in a way that is safe and easy to learn.

As well as providing an effective healing technique, it also explains why it works. This is not faith healing, but is a way of invoking and directing spiritual energy through visualisation. Dr. King describes it as “a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient.”

Softback; 133 pages.

Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in spiritual energy and helping others.

Please note that spiritual healing is a complementary therapy and is designed to be used in conjunction with conventional medical care, not to take its place.

Therefore, one way to treat “dis-ease” or discomfort is to bring about a harmony and a balance through the psychic centres into the aura where it must, by the Law of Nature, have its reflection in the physical body. – Dr George King