Ascension podcast presenter Elizabeth Martin

This week’s presenter Elizabeth Martin

This week’s presenter Elizabeth Martin delves into the fascinating mystery of Ascension.

Ascension is a great initiation that we must all take at some stage in our evolution. We are here to learn in the classroom called Earth, but at some point we must reach the stage where we have gained all the experience we need from this classroom. At that point we are ready to “graduate” and this is basically what the initiation of Ascension is.

In The Nine Freedoms the Cosmic Master Mars Sector 6 states:

Freedom from rebirth is brought about by he who is ready, as a result of countless experiences, countless lessons well learned through these experiences. Such a one has manipulated his Karma so that it forms a pattern, which proves that he does not need to learn the basic lessons which can be afforded, by further birth upon Terra.

Indeed is this a promising statement to the spiritual aspirant! But Ascension is not automatic, and it cannot be gained by the average person in just one lifetime. It takes many lives of sustained spiritual effort. But however distant it may seem, it is – as the great Cosmic Master who gave The Nine Freedoms says – the birthright of every person upon Earth to enjoy the highest form of initiation upon Earth, Ascension.

Life does not stop after this initiation of course, and Ascended Masters – those who have gone through this initiation – do not need to remain upon Earth as they have earned the right to leave and gain further experience elsewhere. Indeed the next step after Earth is to move on to another planet to gain further experience in a higher classroom, and we’ll look into that in more detail in our next episode which is on interplanetary existence.