Mt Wakefield – holy mountain

Mt Wakefield, one of the 19 holy mountains of the world, lies in the foothills of New Zealand’s tallest mountain – Aoraki / Mt Cook.

Mt Wakefield was charged by The Master Jesus with majestic spiritual powers which can never be depleted. The Cosmic Avatar Jesus sent energies, through western Master of yoga Dr George King, into the mountain on Christmas Eve, 1960.

Mt Wakefield waits silently for people of any faith to come and invoke its energies and send them out to the world. When people travel to this holy mountain and  raise their hands in unselfish prayer then their prayers are tremendously potentised because of the power within the mountain. So much so that an ordinary person can truly make a difference in the world by doing this.

This type of direct action through service is what is most needed in the world today and it will help the world through the difficult times preceding the much prophesied ‘New Age’.

The New Zealand Branch of The Aetherius Society holds regular Pilgrimages to Mt Wakefield, and also to the two mountains charged in Australia – Mt Kosciusko and Mt Ramshead – both in the Snowy Mountain Range of New South Wales. Each year there are also Pilgrimages to other mountains around the world.

We invite anyone and everyone to investigate further and join us in this wonderful and very powerful form of world service.

Please note: The weather on Mt Wakefield can change suddenly and dramatically. Anyone attempting to climb it should be well prepared and have the necessary level of fitness. Please contact us for more information.

The charged spot on Mt Wakefield

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“Bid the Pilgrims to come here and send this, My Power, unto mankind through Prayer, so that he may become wise enough to allow his highest attribute, that of Love’s expression, to manifest as unselfish Service.”

The Master Jesus, after Charging Mt Wakefield

Dr George King at the charged spot on Mt Wakefield on Christmas Eve 1960

Mt Wakefield is in the foothills of Aoraki / Mt Cook