In this episode of the Mystic FM podcast Frank McManus addresses the topic of clairvoyance and how we can develop it.

Although often seen as being some kind of special gift, clairvoyant powers are actually inherent within all of us. In most of us they are underdeveloped but there are ways we can develop them if we so desire. But if we do manage to develop them, what next? How do we use them? This is an important point and one which Frank addresses in the podcast.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • What clairvoyance is
  • Different ways to help develop your clairvoyant powers
  • What to do with your clairvoyance once you have it
  • An excellent technique for relaxation

So if you’re curious about what clairvoyance is, or if you’re wondering how you can develop it yourself, then listen to our free podcast below and find out.

This podcast is based upon a lecture of the same name by Dr George King who was clairvoyant from a very young age. So if this podcast whets your appetite for more on this subject then the full lecture is available for purchase as a download or CD.

Better yet, if you’d like to try the yoga breathing exercises in the book Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga then you’ll find it a great way to start to develop your clairvoyant and psychic potential.

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