Here we look at the eighth of The Twelve Blessings which is to the mighty Sun.

If ever life on Earth was dependent upon any one thing, then it is completely and absolutely dependent upon the Sun for its every expression.

If you forget everything else in the world, it will pay you always to remember this.

– Dr George King

We know the importance of the Sun in a scientific sense. Sunlight drives photosynthesis, the Sun heats our planet and of course we are in orbit of it. Life on Earth would not be possible without it. Yet it is even more important than this for it is in fact a highly evolved being, just as our planet and the other planets in our Solar System are too.

The mighty Sun


Everything on Earth is just crystallised sunlight in one form or another, because prana comes from the Sun and all matter is made up of prana. We take prana into our bodies as we breathe, eat and drink. We can consciously bring more prana into our bodies through exercises like pranayama, otherwise known as yoga breathing. The Aetherius Society teaches workshops on this and there are some very good yoga breathing exercises given by Dr King in the book called Realise Your Inner Potential. They’re very easy to learn and regular practice of them can bring tremendous benefits.

The Sun, by it’s very existence, is helping all life in this Solar System, and probably even beyond that. The Master Jesus goes even further than this in this blessing and says the following fascinating words:

If you, my children, would change from men to God-men, you would send your Love always towards this Great Being, which you now take for granted.

For this is the God of your Bible, it is the Brahma of the Hindu scripts.

This is the nearest thing to God in your concept of manifestation.

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