Become a spiritual healer

Your prayers can make a difference.

“A properly devised Prayer said with all your true Love is a key to the door of the miraculous.”

– Dr George King

Monday night services

On Monday nights we come together to perform the practise of The Twelve Blessings. This is a series of twelve prayers and we join together in reciting them and sending out spiritual energy to help the world as a whole. The Twelve Blessings are a very balanced set of prayers and practising them can be an uplifting experience.

We also maintain a list of names of people who have requested absent healing from us. So we read the list of names and send healing energy to help them also.

There is no address given and most of the service is taken up with the above prayers.

During a spiritual push the format varies slightly and we call them Power Circles.

Anyone is welcome to join these Monday night services and you don’t need to let us know in advance, you are welcome to just turn up on the night.

What to expect at our services in general

Our services include prayer, mantra, and short readings from the Cosmic Teachings.

Services are led by a minister wearing religious robes. Some of our congregation have been given initiations and also wear robes to reflect these.

When you arrive we will provide you with a prayer booklet so you can join in the prayers if you wish. There is no kneeling and you can participate in the prayers as much or as little as you like.

We also use mantras and mudras (hand signs) to help us to attune ourselves prior to joining together in prayer.




Prayer is the sending of energy from ourselves to a particular destination. This could be anything from a sick friend, to a disaster zone, or to the world as a whole. We pray with our hands raised which allows energy to flow out from the chakras in our heart and hands.

Mantra and mudra

Before joining in with the mantras and mudras we will need to initiate you into these separately. So if you enjoy the service and wish to come again and participate, then we are happy to arrange a time to teach you these.

Cosmic Transmissions

Dr King was a channel for Cosmic Masters who spoke through him, using his voice, to give a spiritual message. On Monday nights we recite the series of Cosmic Transmissions, given by The Master Jesus in 1958, known as The Twelve Blessings.


Mondays, 8pm to 9pm.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend these services and newcomers are always welcome.

Location & parking

The Aetherius Temple, 269 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland

There is parking at the rear of our building, or on streets nearby, or at the public carpark in Rawene Road. The Birkenhead bus stop is only a few minutes’ walk away.