Buddha quote on karma and reincarnation

This week we discuss karma and reincarnation

Karma is a much-used word these days. Millions of words have been spoken and countless books have been written about it but it is still often misunderstood. Yet our every thought and action affects our individual karmic pattern for better or worse, so it is vitally important that we understand it.

Karma and reincarnation are really two sides of the same coin and a deeper understanding of how they work together brings us a better perspective on our lives. It helps us to understand why we have the experiences we do – that they are not just a series of random events brought together by chance.

Today is the day you made for yourself yesterday

We are truly masters of our own fate and an understanding of the great law of karma gives us a better sense of why we are here and where we are going. We can see our experiences in life for what they really are – a series of lessons from which we can learn and grow. Seeing life in this light can allow us to take greater control over our lives and improve our karmic pattern.

Take a listen to the podcast where Tanya Solberg looks into the intriguing and enlightening subjects of karma and reincarnation.

In the show you’ll find out

  • How we create our future karma
  • What are positive and negative karma
  • What the Master Jesus & Lord Buddha had to say about karma
  • Examples of reincarnation
  • How to improve your personal karma

Find out more

  • Karma and Reincarnation – a booklet by Dr George King (hard copy or ebook)
  • Karma and reincarnation – a lecture by Dr George King – available on CD or download
  • The Nine Freedoms – a book by Dr George King which explains how we can change our karma and evolve ourselves spiritually