The next Master is coming to Earth

Listen to the podcast Join Julian Rosser and Elizabeth Martin as they look into the coming of the Next Master in more detail. This podcast is partly based on Dr George King's lecture The Next Master Is Coming. Masters from other planets have visited Earth Throughout our history on [...]

How to develop your clairvoyance

Mystic FM is a spiritual podcast hosted by Julian Rosser. This week we are joined by Frank McManus who addresses the topic of clairvoyance and how we can develop it. Although often seen as being some kind of special gift, clairvoyant powers are actually inherent within all of us. In most of us they are [...]

How to get more inspiration in your life

Inspiration. Wouldn't we all like more of it! Everyday life can leave us feeling quite lacking in inspiration. But some people seem to be able to receive it more easily. Is it something they are born with or can we learn how to tap into greater inspiration? Inspiration is knowledge gained from higher sources, and [...]

UFOs – their occult significance

UFOs have been visiting us for centuries. They have been seen to fly in unusual patterns or to perform instant changes in direction and other aerobatics that are not possible according to our current level of science. They clearly come from other worlds, and also clearly have a greater science than we do. Interplanetary beings [...]

The power of prayer energy

The prayer mudra or posture You can make a difference How many times have you been upset by the misfortunes that affect people around the world? Natural disasters, war, disease – these things bring untold suffering to so many people. Prayer is a way that you can make a difference in [...]

Learn to heal – intro video & podcast

What we call spiritual healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A quintessential definition was given by Dr George King: Spiritual healing is a science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient. Apart from being a very advanced Master of yoga, [...]

How to develop your intuition & psychic abilities

We all have psychic and intuitive abilities, although in most of us they are latent. For some, intuition is something they can use in their daily lives. But for most people, these abilities need developing first in order to bear fruit. There are many different ways to develop them. Psychic abilities normally refers to specific [...]

Developing your chakras or psychic centres

In this podcast we look at the significance and development of the chakras, otherwise known as psychic centres. Our presenter Tanya Solberg covers not only what they look like, and how they affect our physical body, but also what their true significance is in our own spiritual development. This podcast is based upon a lecture [...]

Soul mates

In this podcast you will hear: What a soul mate is Why we all have a soul mate How you and your soul mate evolve together What this means for you spiritually What are soul mates? Most people think of the concept of soul mates in the romantic sense, but there is so [...]

The Devic Kingdom

This podcast is produced by Mystic FM, a spiritual podcast hosted by Julian Rosser. We are joined by Tanya Solberg who takes us into the fascinating unseen world of the devic kingdom. Tanya will reveal, based on her study of Dr King's work, insights into this little known aspect of life on Earth. In [...]