Enlightenment is a deep state of meditation in which the meditator becomes one with that upon which they meditate. Upon reaching this state one has perfect vision and knows about all things past, present and future. To achieve it one must have risen above the ignorance which faces all mankind. An enlightened person knows who they have been in all their past lives and understands why they are here upon earth now. They become a knower, or a wise one.

So whilst it is a lofty state indeed, it is important to recognise that we can all become enlightened at some point in the future, even if not in this life. In fact we will undoubtedly achieve this state, and it is up to us whether it takes a thousand lifetimes, or whether we can do this in less time.

So how do we reach enlightenment?

Tanya Solberg


It is achieved by raising the mystic power known as kundalini. This normally resides, semi-dormant, at the base of the spine, but can be risen up through the spine to the psychic centre known as the ‘third eye’ or ‘Christ centre’. This takes tremendous effort and perseverance but the reward of doing so is very great.

This week’s podcast

Enlightenment is a fascinating subject and you’ll hear a lot more about it in this week’s podcast, presented by Tanya Solberg, as we continue our look at The Nine Freedoms.

The podcast includes extracts from lectures given by Dr. George King, the founder of The Aetherius Society. Dr King was a great medium who was able to go into a positive samadhic yogic trance and allow a Cosmic Master – a being from another world known as Mars Sector 6 – to speak through him using his voice.